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Do you or a loved one have cancer (such as ovarian, pancreatic, colon, gastric, endometrial,
or breast) that has metastasized in your abdomen for which no standard therapy is available?

Current therapies are quite limited for combating these diseases; this is why
AREVA Med is sponsoring a Phase I clinical trial of ²¹²Pb-TCMC-Trastuzumab.

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Insight from our experts
"Data from our ongoing first-in-human clinical trial with this promising novel technology shows encouraging results.."

Ruby F. Meredith, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal investigator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Alpha-particle emitting radioimmunotherapy is an experimental anti-cancer therapy which utilizes specific monoclonal antibodies to carry tiny packets of short range radiation energy to kill individual cancer cells. New developments have allowed prior logistic barriers to this approach to be resolved. Preclinical and Phase 1 intra-peritoneal administration studies to date have yielded encouraging mechanism and safety data. Additional clinical studies are planned to fully understand the best way to administer this type of treatment, and to evaluate treatment safety and efficacy. The development of novel anti-cancer therapies could give oncologists additional tools to treat patients with cancer."

Christine White, M.D.
AREVA Med scientific committee member, Medical oncologist & former Chief Medical Officer at Biogen Idec
"Targeted alpha-particle emitter therapy is a novel approach to treating patients with disseminated metastatic cancer. Its effectiveness depends on mechanisms that are fundamentally different from those required for chemotherapy, it is, therefore, far less susceptible to resistance and has tremendous potential to have a substantial positive impact in patients with aggressive metastatic abdominal cancers."

George Sgouros, Ph.D.
AREVA Med scientific committee member & Professor and Director at Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Meredith
Dr. White
Dr. Sgouros
Radiolabeled antibody About the Phase I investigational agent, ²¹²Pb-TCMC-Trastuzumab  

Monoclonal antibodies can transport and deliver radioactive elements capable
of releasing sufficient amounts of energy to destroy tumor cells.

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